Monday, March 26, 2012

Ellis Goodson-Punch Studio Sample


I love photoshop. I have an extensive background as a designer.
I have included the PSD used to produce the JPG on the Blog.
Right click-save. If you regular click, you'll get a lot of Askii.
I would love this type of work.
I used to design the etched scrollwork for collectible guns and knives.
I noticed the wording "ephemera."
I imagine a treasure trove of ephemera is found in those Dover books of decoration.
I scanned a few bits of line art from my own copy of
The Handbook Of Ornament as the basis for this sample.
I've also embedded a video showing my painting and sketching ability.
I hope you like this sample. I'd love to do others or take a test.
I'm also very knowledgeable with Illustrator .

PSD FILE-Right Click Save

Miscellaneous examples of my art. Painting sketching etc.